Local Farms and Vendors

We’re incredibly passionate about sourcing our food locally. Great food comes from great ingredients!

While we source certain specialty items (WINES) from small, local vendors whom we have relationships with in Italy, we strive to source as many fresh ingredients as possible from West Michigan.

We cook with what's fresh and in season, particularly from farms just outside of Grand Rapids! We're situated in an amazing location on Alpine in Comstock Park, where we're luck enough to have some of the Midwest's most fertile agricultural soils just to the West of us.

Below is a sampling of some of the amazing farms and vendors whom we work with.

Fulton Street Farmer’s Market

We're proud to shop at Fulton Street Farmer's Market, where we source the best ingredients that Michigan has to offer.

Mud Lake Farm

Better than organic! No herbicides or pesticides. Gorgeous lettuce and greens, plus cordials, syrups, and exotics like arctic kiwi.

S&S Lamb

Pierre and Sharon Schierbeek, have raised animals all their lives. Located on Sharon’s grandparent’s homestead, the Schierbeek farm continues to be a place for love and learning!

Farm Country Cheese House

Farm Country Cheese House is proud to work with our local Amish community to create fresh, antibiotic-free, artisanal cheeses.

Earthkeeper Farm

Stellar Certified Organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Biodiversity, environmental protection, building healthy soil, and commitment to a local food system are a few key elements of the farm.

Ed Dunneback and Girls Farm

Third and fourth generation West Michigan fruit farm growing great fruit and veggies, specializing in apples, sweet cherries and strawberries.

Homrich’s Under the Pines

Family owned. Fruits and vegetables in season: Apples, peaches, plums, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, squash, pumpkins and more.

Lomonaco Sicilian Cookies

Sicilian Cookies have become very popular in this country, but Italians have been enjoying them for ages. Lomonaco's makes them right here in West Michigan.