That’s Amore! Interview with Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

Jenna sat down with Bri Kilroy of Women’s Lifestyle Magazine for this November 2016 article, where she talks in depth about meeting her husband (and Amore co-owner) in San Francisco, living in Italy, local Grand Rapids sourced food, and her thoughts on the Italian phrase “A tavola non si invecchia” or “When you’re sitting at the table, you never get older.”

From the article:

The local ingredients, the incredible dishes and the personality Arcidiacono and her staff bring to the local restaurant scene makes Amore a truly remarkable place. When you do visit and sit down for a plate of Pappardelle, you’ll go on an adventure unlike anything your palate has experienced before. You may even be reading this article while you do so, as Amore usually has a stack of our magazines in the building’s entrance decorated with a La Bocca della Verità mural, hand-painted by Arcidiacono in a successful effort to utilize and disguise some holes that were left in the wall from a previous payphone.

Photo: Two Eagles Marcus

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