Arcidiacono Family

Jenna in Pink
Maurizio and mama
Jenna and Vittoria
Nona Vittoria
Jenna and Maurizio (FB)
Arcidiacono Family
Wedding photo
Jenna Pretty black and white
The Arcidiacono's with Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) from Star Trek!
Jenna with Flour
Maurizio looking suave

Jenna and Maurizio Arcidiacono first met in San Francisco in 1998. Jenna was fresh out of college, working at famed North Beach Italian restaurant L’Osteria del’Forno. Maurizio was a handsome stranger from Milan, in town visiting friends. It was love and first sight, and within months, Jenna left with Maurizio on a whirlwind tour of Italy. They were soon married, and that whirlwind tour turned into 3 years living (and cooking with mama Arcidiacono) in Northern Italy. Almost 20 years later, and their love for each other – and for traditional Italian food – still shines through. They’re now settled back in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and have become well known fixtures in the local food scene!