Revue Magazine Interview with Chef Jenna

Mayra Monroy of Revue Magazine interviewed Chef Jenna on May 9th of 2016 in a broad-ranging Q&A about how she got into cooking, her favorite restaurants in West Michigan, and her take on the West Michigan Farm to Table scene.

Revue: Being a part of the West Michigan foodie scene, what’s the most exciting thing happening right now?

Jenna: I love that vegetables are making a comeback, especially because I’m a vegetarian. I’m always looking for creative and delicious ways to eat healthy, yet still feel like I’m eating something tasty and fulfilling.

I also love watching our food scene evolve. It has grown so much and since I’ve lived here most of my life, I feel proud to be a part of it. We are so diverse. I love the Facebook page EatGR where over seventeen thousand locals post photos of food from the area. I learn about new places [and] restaurants I never knew existed just by being in that group.

Photo: James Richard Fry

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